Justin Henriksen

Sioux Falls, SD  •  Email  •  Linkedin  • Phone: 605-376-8715

Brand and Design Manager / Product Design at DocuTAP    
June 2013 – Jan 2017 • Sioux Falls, SD

Responsible for leading product and brand direction, while also maximizing revenue growth opportunities for marketing. I led a successful design overhaul of the brand to help re-frame DocuTAP as the market leader in the healthcare industry. Also, led successful redesign of both the core products and new web-based products to help increase accessibility, user experience, product intelligence, and joy of use. This helped to establish the first long-term presence with web-based products, which led to a decrease in porting licenses and a large spike in new user growth. 

Helped to implement GV’s Design Sprint as a framework for problem-solving, brought post-project reviews in marketing, and introduced analytics to our marketing and products teams to further deep understanding and learning. Also, helped lead tools and products that automated processes within our implementation and support teams.

  • Product UX Design (UI/UX)
  • Information Architecture (IA Design)
  • Interaction Design (IxD)
  • Prototyping and User Studies
  • Brand Strategy in Products
  • Product Marketing
  • Enterprise SaaS



Owner / Product UX Designer at Nouvo/Studio Henriksen
January 2008 – July 2013 • Sioux Falls / Omaha / Kansas City

I started Nouvo in 2008, to help companies grow their products and services through great experiences and design. I led small team of talented developers and a designer to create award winning software products and native apps, eCommerce solutions, and helped marketing efforts. We worked with small and large enterprise-level companies to assist in marketing efforts for lead-generation, product re-design focusing on increases in app user-growth, and built eCommerce solutions to transform sales. On the design side, I led entire re-brands to position companies as the strong leader in their industry, which resulted in the companies' growth and larger market share.


Co-founder / Product UX Designer Backcountry Tracks    
January 2012 – January 2015 • Sioux Falls, SD

My friends and I started a small startup app called: Backcountry Tracks. We researched, planned, and built an outdoor activity app to help novice and intermediate enthusiasts plan their cross-country trips with friends. First the planning app, then the social aspect of it. Friends could share gear, chat about the trip, plan, get topographic maps, and ultimately take and share photos to repost to Facebook or instagram. 

Other Related Experience

Director of Sponsorships/Members for AIGA    
June 2016 – Present • Sioux Falls, SD

I love being a part of our design community. This position gives me a chance to talk with designers of all walks. Part of the challenge has been the shrinking memberships here in South Dakota. Through some planning, strategy, and creation of high-quality events, we truly hope to turn that around.


Marketing Board Member for United Way    
February 2016 – Present • Sioux Falls, SD

This is my way of giving back to an organization with a great community cause. I assist with web and marketing, social media, and advertising. 


Graphic Communications at Southeast Technical Institute    
January 2006 – May 2008 • Sioux Falls, SD

Business Management & Marketing at The University of South Dakota    
Sept 2002 – Dec 2003 • Sioux Falls, SD



Product UX Design

Brand Strategy and Direction

Process Improvement and Implementation

UI/UX & User Centered Design

Brand & Identity

Marketing Strategies

Creative Design Direction