Nutritional supplements are one of the fastest growing industries on the planet.

Sales at Science Nutrition, his chain of nutritional supplement stores, were growing fast. But there was a greater need for Joel at Science Nutrition: Create and manufacture your own line of nutritional supplements, with the best possible ingredients, and no proprietary blends. In 2011, he introduced NG Nutra to the market. 


E-Commerce Solution & Marketing

He was in need of an online eCommerce store, to market and sell his products. If you're a regular consumer, or fitness know-it-all, you most likely know what products you should buy and why. I looked to solve this for the average consumer. I'd created a complete supplement guide that helps consumers who don't know what to buy or where to start.


Services delivered for NG Nutra:

  • Design and brand strategy
  • Website UI/UX Design
  • Product packaging design
  • eCommerce design and Magento install
  • Digital marketing and social media