When Design Thinking and Healthcare Meet-up, Only Great Things Happen.



DocuTAP is a classic start-up. It's humble beginnings in the basement of founder and CEO, Eric McDonald, rose to high status after funding from venture capital agency, Bessemer Ventures and took the healthcare market by storm.

In 2013, I joined the DocuTAP team to lead design into a new competitive realm. The single greatest opportunity was to separate them from their competition. Prior, the marketing design was all business: boring, bland, and focused too heavily on product features, rather than benefits, and the product design lived in the mid to late 1990s and consistently had inconsistent experiences throughout the same product.


We had a few opportunities and a few problems to solve. First was to keep the overall feel of the brand, second, was to be sure simplicity won out with all patient-facing applications, and third was to make it awesome.

Traditionally, healthcare is riddled with overly complex solutions that attempt at solving problems. However, this unintentionally created new ones that never got solved and would cost loads of support dollars. A modern UI is really nice to have and helps take work off the sales team, but we didn't want to walk into these projects thinking it was going to solve problems. To account for this, we tested with users, asked questions, and implemented and used GV's Design Sprint as a framework to elicit meaningful feedback. In the case of the patient portal, a problem we thought we were going to solve turned out to be a smaller problem comparatively. Design Sprint FTW :^)



Initial Products and User Studies

Early wireframes of the patient registration product to be user tested. 

Testing out search functions to get the minimum important information within search.

Although stylistically we landed in a different area, the user studies gave us tremendous confidence in moving forward.

Queue-based scheduling as originally tested.


Product Marketing Considerations:

Part of our journey of learning led us to place product shots and workflows directly on the homepage of our website. We felt as though it would help leads make faster more informed decisions when contacting us about a full product demo. It worked!

Landing and Homepage Split Testing

Split Test A-version: We were testing whether or not the large image of a person was more appealing, or if in fact, the product and figures were more important.

Split Test B-version: With this one, we included images of our customers, but made them secondary to the product shot on the tablet.

Post live demo, we send them a box with a t-shirt and info about the company and a thank you.

Post signing a company, we send them an info packet welcoming them to the family. And of course, a coffee mug.

Post signing a company, we send them an info packet welcoming them to the family. And of course, a coffee mug.

Welcome packet for new clinic signed. Coffee mug and welcome packet.


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