7 million people in the United States consider themselves outdoor enthusiasts; now there's an app for that.

Every time you wanted to plan a hiking, fishing, kayaking trip with your friends or family, you would have to use 3–4 different apps to accomplish it. It was always, spreadsheets for gear, forums for community, and Facebook for discussions about the planning. 

There are huge opportunities in the areas around outdoor activities — we sought to help a market in need.

UI/UX and Visual Identity Design


The idea behind Backcountry Tracks was really simple. We needed to collaborate on planning and taking a hiking trip with friends. We used Facebook and text messages to chat about the trip, we used spreadsheets to plan gear, but didn't plan well enough so there would always be doubles of a few things, and the forums were great, but not nearly as useful as they could be. So we designed and built Backcountry Tracks. Of course, we later realized that anyone that was planning a trip for fishing, hunting, hiking, kayaking, biking, or any adventure one could imagine, could use it.

While building it, Instagram and other image-based social medias were gaining popularity, so we incorporated a way to post from the app to a feed, much like you would with Instagram, then share to other social medias, such as Facebook, Instagram, or twitter.

Happy trekking, indeed  :^)